Police warn of armed suspects looking for cars


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Hinsdale police issued an alert Wednesday afternoon warning residents of a pattern of auto burglaries and auto thefts occurring in nearby jurisdictions.

The incidents are similar to ones that have occurred over the last several years, in which offenders walk up and down residential streets, checking vehicles in driveways to see if they are unlocked with the key fobs left inside.

Burr Ridge police reported that last Saturday near 91st and Madison streets at least one of the offenders checking cars was holding a firearm. In the most recent pattern, on at least two occasions offenders have shot at a homeowner when confronted, police said.

The attempted thefts are occurring between 4:30 and 8:30 a.m., with several incidents occurring after sunrise, a time when homeowners are more likely to interrupt an auto theft.

Hinsdale police offer the following advice:

1. Lock vehicles and remove key fobs every night in order to discourage these thefts. Offenders come back to areas in which they have easily found cars in the past.

2. Look before walking out to the car in the driveway and be aware of the surroundings.

3. Do not confront a suspect. Call 911.

Hinsdale police patrol the neighborhoods in the overnight hours and are being particularly attentive to this pattern. Residents who notice suspicious persons or vehicles in their neighborhood should not hesitate to call police.


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