Serve kindness this Thanksgiving

I was scrubbing potatoes one evening when I asked my husband if he thinks dogs can get their feelings hurt.

"Are you talking about Sasha?"

"No," I reply, "just generally."

"Sure, if their owners yell at them or whack them with a newspaper."

He thinks he's being funny. He knows how I feel about animals and about violence.

"I mean, can dogs hurt other dog's feelings?" I ask.

"No, you're being ridiculous."

I don't think I am. I was asking because we've got a mean girl in our neighborhood. She's a dog. Let's call her Daisy (name changed, not because she's innocent, she's guilty as all get out.) Daisy is a b*tch, literally and figuratively. My dog is also a b*tch, but only literally.

Daisy always barks and charges when Sasha walks past her yard. Sasha ignores her, just trying to take in the good sniffs. The other day, Daisy attacked. Snarling at Sasha in the street. Luckily, no external injuries to either dog. That's why I inquired about dogs and hurt feelings.

You might be thinking, "She's one of THOSE dog moms, thinks her dog child is perfect." Well, Sasha goes to daycare for dogs weekly. I ask if she creates a ruckus, always a no.

Honestly, I love all animals, even the snarly ones. I was visiting my kid recently when we drove past the LA PETA office. The building featured a big banner of a pig. The pig was pink and all friendly looking, like he was saying, "Be kind to me and my brethren." Before I could yell, "Stop, I need to go inside, apply for a job, save all the animals" we were past. Seriously, my kid drives too fast.

"Mom, you drive too slow, and you couldn't work there anyway. You eat bacon."

Ooops, busted. But in my defense, I only eat bacon on BLT's made with my husband's homegrown tomatoes.

Honestly, the man can grow tomatoes. And with this year's warm spell, we had them into November. Once they're all gone, I'll stop, promise. And if anyone gives me bacon jam for Christmas, it's going straight into the trash.

While we're considering kindness to all animals, did you happen to see the video of the crab in boiling water untying itself? Apparently, he lived another day. Darn, if that doesn't make someone a vegetarian, nothing will. I think the little fellow was late for his shift at the Krusty Krab. But seriously, don't make that your turkey table talk. Might be worse than politics.

So, with gratitude and kindness for this Thanksgiving, I'm telling Sasha, let's be nice to Daisy, no matter what. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

- Lisa Seplak of Hinsdale is a contributing columnist. Readers can email her at [email protected].