Jerold Kenneth McCoy

Jerold Kenneth McCoy, 89, formerly of Hinsdale, died Nov. 16, 2021.

He was born in 1932 to Olive and Buel McCoy in Tipton, Iowa. His father was away for five years during the Second World War, Pacific theater. Unfortunately, Buel died of viral meningitis when Jerry was 16 years old. Jerry was a good student and a hard worker. He enjoyed working on his grandfather’s farm and had a paper route. He graduated from Coe College where he earned a bachelor’s in economics and business administration, with later graduate work at University of Iowa and University of Wisconsin Graduate School of Banking.

Jerry enrolled in ROTC at Coe College and subsequently entered the Air Force as an officer, eventually attaining the rank of captain. He served as navigator and bombardier on both tankers and B-52’s and was part of Strategic Air Command, 8th Air Force. He remained in the Air National Guard for several years after discharge from the Air Force.

He accepted a position as a junior banker in Tipton, Iowa, after military service. Following additional graduate studies, he took a position in Hinsdale as vice president. He served as president, chairman and CEO of two Chicago suburban banks and remained as CEO once the banks were sold to national banks and ultimately JP Morgan Chase.

He was quite active in the community, serving as president of the Hinsdale Chamber of Commerce and various Illinois banking associations and chairman of the US selective service board for Du Page County. He was instrumental in various bond measures to upgrade the public school system.

Jerry was married at age 20 to Phyllis Nadine Gaul, his high school sweetheart. They raised four boys.

Jerry was a huge Cubs fan and maintained season tickets for many years. He was able to see game four of the 2016 World Series, which the Cubs ultimately won.

Jerry was an enthusiastic golfer and tried to teach each of the boys the game. He joined the prestigious Hinsdale Golf Club in his early 30s. He made multiple trips to Southern California to play La Costa, Pebble Beach, and Cypress Point, along with at least three trips to Europe to play in Scotland, Ireland and France. His interest in golf was partly responsible for leading him to Ventana Canyon in Tucson, Ariz.. He spent part of his time there at the end of his career and became a full-time resident after retiring at age 67.

He enjoyed serving as chairman of the executive committee of the National Finance and Development Corp. in Washington, D.C., an organization instrumental in providing financing to minority entrepreneurs.

Other interests included reading, politics, wine and interacting with many friends during and after golf. Traveling to visit his sons and 10 grandchildren was at the top of his list. He had multiple hole-in-ones over the years and shot his age multiple times in the last couple of years.

Despite being vaccinated against COVID-19, he did contract the illness and died after a two week hospitalization in Tucson, two weeks before his 90th birthday. He steadfastly continued to profess to his family and friends, “I’m a lucky dude”.

He was preceded in death by his sister, Lois; and his son, Mark (Rhea).

He is survived by his three sons, Gregory (Hope Boyce), Phillip, and Matthew; and his 10 grandchildren.