DuPage County: Vote for continued investment in safety

Most of us know very little about the workings of the DuPage County Board. We may briefly think about it when we examine our tax bills or learn a bit about it as elections approach and candidates vie for board positions. As with any election, well-informed citizens are in the best position to make the best choices. You can learn more at https://www.dupagecounty.gov/.

In District 3, we have been extremely fortunate to benefit from the dedication of current DuPage County Board member, Hinsdale resident, Julie Renehan. Under a Democratic majority, with public safety concerns a top priority, the Sheriff Department’s headcount, funding for recruitment and retention, and overall budget have increased. The Board also approved funding for body cameras, a mobile command unit and armored bearcat for countywide emergencies, license plate readers, funding for the countywide Metropolitan Emergency Response Investigative Team (MERIT) task force and crime lab to investigate crimes.

With Deb Conroy as board chair and Lucy Chang Evans, Amanda Roudebush and Rosemary Spann on the board, DuPage County will be poised to continue to support safety concerns. These incredibly talented candidates each bring their unique skills and depth of experience to serve our county. When you take time to learn about the board’s responsibilities and take time to learn about each of these remarkable candidates, you will appreciate the great match and feel secure in the safety and future of our county. — Penny Davey, Hinsdale