A spooktacular Sunday drive

Load the family up in the SUV for an afternoon - or evening - drive through town

Americans are expected to spend more than $3 billion on Halloween decorations this year, the highest amount in the past four years.

A quick drive through town demonstrates something we already know. Hinsdaleans like to keep up.

New this year is the 12-foot animated hovering witch from Home Depot, spotted in a dozen locations in town (601 & 708 S. Lincoln, 604 & 733 S. Monroe, 123 & 235 N. Washington, 716 S. Vine, 552 Phillippa, 600 Mills and two listed below). She has glowing eyes, leathery skin, a long warty nose, and flowing white hair.

And she talks!

"Are you scared of heights, my pretty?"

Yes. Yes we are.

Skeletons also have invaded the village this year, with several included on the driving tour. Others in town are chilling in Adirondack chairs, dressed to hit the runway and cavorting with giant spiders.

We could have listed dozens of houses on this driving tour, but for practical reasons, we've limited it to eight. Grab some hot apple cider, find a spooky playlist and hop in the SUV for a drive around town to see these terrifying tableaus.

1. 9 S. Quincy St.

Skeletons are up to all sorts of things all over town, but these are the only ones spotted doing the wave. Perhaps they are celebrating their escape from 743 S. County Line Road (No. 7). Drive north to North Street, take a right and go about four blocks to ...

2. 421 W. North St.

The 23 pumpkins hanging out in this portico patch have been a fixture in this part of town for too many Halloweens to count. Continue east on North to Washington, turn right and head south to Walnut. Take a left and go two blocks to ...

3. 218 E. Walnut St.

This house made headlines in 2020 when The Hinsdalean did a story on the Martin family's host of inflatables in the yard and the 12-foot skeleton, possibly the first in town. They and their neighbors across the street enjoy collaborating on decorations. It's worth parking the car for this stop. Then walk across the street to ...

4. 215 E. Walnut St.

After choosing your favorite inflatable (we like the purple one with the googly eyes), head back to Washington, take a left and head south to ...

5. 607 S. Washington St.

If you didn't like the haunted forest in "The Wizard of Oz," you might want to skip this stop, with its angry inflatable tree looking to snatch you up in one of its limbs. Gravestones and abundant cobwebs help set the scene. Continue south on Washington just a few houses until you get to ...

6. 640 S. Washington St.

The owners of this home should move to the 200 block of East Walnut Street! They too subscribe to the theory that if one inflatable is good, more than a dozen is better. Take a left on Seventh go to County Line Road turn right until you reach...

7. 743 S. County Line Road

The ubiquitous flying witch might just be trying to escape from the host of skeletons - more than two dozen - that have taken over the front yard. Four giant skeletons guard the property - one from the second-floor balcony - while their smaller friends wreak havoc. Sally from "The Nightmare before Christmas" is tucked away near the door, possibly waiting for a nowhere-to-be-seen Jack Skellington to come to her rescue. Continue south one block to ...

8. 836 S. County Line Road

The flying witch and the towering ghoul with the glowing eyes are the most noticeable creatures in the front yard, but they certainly aren't the only ones. Check out the faces hiding in the trees, the open coffin and the Frankenstein and friends inflatables.

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Pamela Lannom is editor of The Hinsdalean