Former D181 board member encourages others to run

One of my pastimes during the fall is armchair quarterbacking my favorite football teams. If only I was able to make the calls, my teams for sure would win.

During COVID, many of us became armchair quarterbacks-of-sorts around topics such as school opening, masks and in-person/virtual learning. I know hundreds and hundreds of you in our community were doing more than just armchair quarterbacking. You were getting involved, writing letters to the school board, to the administration, organizing groups.

I know because I received those hundreds of letters when I served on the D181 school board from 2017-21. And I think this involvement is great. However, in the end, it was the seven board members that ultimately voted on the path forward around in-person/virtual school. My vote was 1 of 7.

I believe one of the great things about local elections is the ability to make immediate and visible impact on the community. I believe that is particularly true with school boards. During my term we managed through a budget deficit, hired a new superintendent, oversaw the building of HMS, negotiated new contracts with two unions in D181, oversaw the building of a new parking deck, levied and abated taxes and directed D181 through COVID.

Speaking from experience, it is a big job, it does take a lot of time, and it is worth it. If you are level-headed and open-minded, I encourage you to run for D181 or D86 school board. Our community needs you guiding our school districts forward. — Nathan Lucht, Hinsdale