Voter supporting Galassi, Hart for DuPage County Board

I am politically independent. I have always voted based on the issues, not the parties. In the upcoming election, I am supporting Kari Galassi and Greg Hart. I share their concerns about the direction of DuPage County, and I see their viewpoints and policy plans as both reasonable and sensible.

Both Kari and Greg have been endorsed by Sheriff Mendrick and State’s Attorney Bob Berlin, both oppose the SAFE-T Act and both value fiscal responsibility in government spending. I am heartened by their support of women and their privacy and bodily autonomy; Kari and Greg are not extreme candidates pushing an agenda. I am a physician, and both supported my vaccine initiative early in the vaccine rollout, creating outreach initiatives for the elderly and those who lack access to traditional healthcare. Kari volunteered with our mobile clinic, vaccinating dozens of individuals. Greg has demonstrated great ability to lead as a current member of the DuPage County Board. Greg has taken great initiatives in addressing the opioid epidemic, a true devastation to our area and nation, which won national awards for innovation. Both Kari and Greg have “real world” experience as well, Kari as a CPA and Greg in the consulting industry.

For these reasons, I invite you to join me in voting for two highly qualified candidates who have demonstrated their commitment to DuPage County time and again. On Nov. 8, please vote for Kari Galassi for DuPage County Board and for Greg Hart for DuPage County Board President. — Kate Schmelka, Hinsdale