Hart, Galassi are the right choices for DuPage County

On Nov. 8, our community can choose to usher in reasonable, commonsense, high-energy leaders with policy ideas that will positively impact DuPage County for years to come.

DuPage County has the opportunity to elect two such leaders to the DuPage County Board on Nov. 8: Greg Hart and Kari Galassi. Greg is running for DuPage County Board chairperson and Kari for DuPage County board member.

I have known Greg and Kari for decades. They sincerely believe in community service and deeply desire to improve DuPage County.

They understand the importance of fiscal responsibility, addressing the fentanyl crisis and reducing crime. They are strong supporters of DuPage County State’s Attorney Bob Berlin and Sheriff James Mendrick and their efforts to prevent horrific increases in crime in our county.

As leaders, the qualifications of Greg and Kari are unmatched. Greg, with an MBA from the University of Chicago, runs his own consulting company. He reduced government costs during his tenure on the DuPage County Board and earned national recognition for making DuPage County a leader in combating the opioid epidemic. Kari is a CPA and has a deep understanding of finance. She enjoys great respect in many DuPage County communities due to her successful efforts with the D86 referendum and her involvement in fundraising for Hinsdale Hospital NICU. DuPage County deserves great leaders, so I ask you to please join me in voting for Greg Hart and Kari Galassi on Nov. 8. — Cathy Hofmann, Hinsdale