Central closes campus for potential threat

Hinsdale police were called to Hinsdale Central High School Wednesday after graffiti was discovered in one of the bathrooms that morning.

“It presented no credible threat, in the police department’s opinion,” Chief Brian King told The Hinsdalean. “The school asked for additional police officers to be assigned to the building throughout the rest of the day.”

A email sent to parents (and shared with The Hinsdalean) from Central Principal Bill Walsh indicated a student alerted administrators to a “potential threat” written on a bathroom stall. Administrators closed the campus for the day and performed a “controlled dismissal” of students in small groups starting at about 2:30 p.m.

“We understand and appreciate that some families may be anxious or upset that we are not permitting students to leave the building prior to the end of the day,” Walsh wrote in the email. “However, after consulting with security and law enforcement, we are taking these steps referenced above out of an abundance of caution, and believe they are necessary for keeping everyone safe.”

Officers were out of the building by 3 p.m., King said.