D181 board member encourages others to seek office

Beginning next Tuesday, Sept. 20, residents interested in running for the D181 Board of Education may begin circulating signature petitions for the consolidated election to be held April 4, 2023. Candidates can file their signature petitions and other candidate documents beginning Dec. 12.

The board plays an important governance role for D181, promoting academic excellence for our 3,600-plus students, maintaining our status as an employer of choice for educators and supporting staff, and investing D181 taxpayer funds responsibly.

Serving on the D181 Board has been a rewarding experience and I am proud of what we’ve accomplished together, often in the face of significant adversity. Indeed, the greatest threat to D181’s continued success is, in my opinion, politicians and other policymakers substituting their judgment for our board’s regarding when and where children are allowed to learn and what they are required to learn.

If you share my belief that our local school board is in the best position to understand and take action to further the interests of our students, employees and community, then I look forward to signing your petition. — Bill Cotter, Hinsdale, D181 board member