Devils set to compete at the next level

Devils set to compete at the next level

By Pamela Lannom

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High school graduates from Hinsdale Central and one from Benet shared their thoughts on their upcoming collegiate careers and the high school memories they will carry with them. This is the second of a two-part series. The first installment ran Aug. 4.

Sean Allison

Drake University, football

I'm looking forward to: building relationships with all of my new teammates and being able to start working out with my new team as we work toward our goal of a PFL championship.

I'll most remember: the early morning workouts and the packed Dickinson Field stadium on game days, especially when we would beat LT and Glenbard West. And I will never forget the close bonds I had with my teammates, coaches, teachers and security guards.

Mujtabi "Moose" Ali-Khan

Purdue University, tennis

I'm looking forward to: making a big impact as a freshman coming in and helping turn the program around. I'm excited to compete in all my matches and most importantly winning is the No. 1 goal.

I'll most remember: the tennis trips from my freshman year to senior year. I remember going to Chattanooga, Tenn., my freshman year and senior year going to Wisconsin with the team. Trips like that were the most fun, and I'll always remember those and hold those with me. I'll always remember winning state right after graduation, with graduation being the first day of the tournament and having my whole family along with my girlfriend being there.

Annette Ciupek

UC Berkeley, lacrosse

I'm looking forward to: playing against and with other athletes with a heightened, competitive drive. I'm looking forward to the higher level of competition that comes with being around people who push you every practice and every game.

I'll most remember: the feeling of playing on Dickinson (Field) during the state championship and having a full stadium of friends, family and students cheering the girls lacrosse team on. I'll remember that packed stadium and the fuel it gave the team.

Tyler Dean

Limestone University, baseball

I'm looking forward to: teammates that can show me new traditions, new strategies and new perspectives, but also sharing some good old Midwestern traditions (as the only Midwesterner on the team) with all the Southerners.

I'll most remember about Benet: all of the little things - the inside jokes, the bus ride stories, the in-game traditions, the win celebrations and everything that made my teammates some of my closest friends and the ones who helped me succeed and move on to the next level.

Noah Hernandez

Brown University, tennis

I'm looking forward to: being a part of a team for the whole year, as tennis is normally an individual sport, besides the few months of high school season. I'm excited to be part of something bigger than just me and represent Brown.

I'll most remember: the tennis seasons, but especially what we did off the court. The bus rides, going to dinners and just hanging out with the team is something that I'm going to miss a lot. I cherish those memories greatly.

Zoe Limparis

Illinois State University, tennis

I'm looking forward to: having a team experience all year round for tennis at ISU. I love my coaches and teammates so much and am so excited to experience having a second family at school.

I'll most remember: the girls tennis team. Coach Shawna was like a second mom to me and I will never forget how amazing she was as a coach, along with all of the girls on the team.

Luca Lipari

Emory University, tennis

I'm looking forward to: working hard and building relations with the guys on the team. I also look forward to representing my school and playing with the goal to win the championship. Overall, having the chance to continue playing tennis, with the team element, will just be an awesome experience.

I'll most remember: the grind and the journey. It was a long four years, where I grew and changed through my game of tennis and as a person. Building relationships and working hard to achieve my dreams is what I'll remember. Most importantly, the guys that worked together to ultimately win the title.

Trinitee McCoy

Augustana College, track

I'm looking forward to: new experiences and meeting new people. I want to challenge myself to meet the potential of my new teammates. I know I have some National qualifying girls on my new team, so I want to work hard and show them I am worthy to compete next to them.

I'll most remember: the support, caring and kindness I received from coaches, teachers, my guidance counselor and social worker. They all helped me through some very challenging times in the four years I was at Central and I appreciate them all so much! I will always remember and miss track because we were a family. I will miss "my" girls! Coach Pat Richards scared me the first day of freshman year, but as I got to know him, I knew he would be on my side always and he was one of my supporters that I will always have love and gratitude for. Coach Howie was also a huge supporter and always brought me back to reality when I was panicking! Coach Conyers I knew hated me freshman year, but I now know he just wanted me to show him the potential I had. Coach Lud kept me on my toes and I never knew what he was going to say to me, but I could always count on him to keep me optimistic and laughing when I was in a state of worrisome panic. These four men will go with me to Augustana in my heart and mind. I would not be where I am today without them.

Jake Quast

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, basketball

I'm looking forward to: competing at a higher level against better competition. I am also excited to create a legacy at my new school.

I'll most remember: shell drill, four-corner passing and 11-man fast break. I hope I can forget ball drills.

Michael Spitzer

Illinois Wesleyan University, golf

I'm looking forward to: just competing against the best players in the country and trying to bring back the National Championship to Bloomington for the third time in four years.

I'll most remember: the golf team. We had such a close team all three years and we all became such close friends. The team has brought me friendships that will last me a lifetime.

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