Devils are in the D-tails (I, II & III)

Recent high school grads advance to the college level in pursuit of sports success

Red Devil Nation and Hinsdale once again will be well represented among the freshmen on collegiate rosters this coming year.

As these members of Hinsdale Central and Nazareth Academy's class of 2022 prepare for campus life, they've offered both poignant reflections on their high school experiences and anticipatory visions for the journey ahead. This is the first of a two-part feature on this group of standout athletes, with the second installment to appear in next week's issue.

Louisa Brorson

Wheaton College, track

I'm looking forward to: stretching myself academically, religiously and socially in new and uncomfortable ways. Coach McCabe always said, "You can always do a little more than you think you can." Indeed, growth and comfort never coexist, and I want to experience growth alongside and through amazing teammates, classmates and profs.

I'll most remember: my time as an HCXC athlete - runner's highs after hard workouts, shared laughter with teammates and encouraging one-on-ones with my coach - as well as my remarkable teachers.

Blake Edmonds

Jacksonville University, baseball

I'm looking forward to: learning from the other players around me and being in an environment with other people who have an extreme passion for the game.

I'll most remember: my teammates and the relationships I built with the kids I grew up playing with. High school baseball is all about having fun and competing against other hometown kids.

Harry Fandre

Quincy University, baseball

I'm looking forward to: being able to play the game I love for the next four years.

I'll most remember: the friendships I made and being a part of a team that won back to back conference championships.

Micah McCurry

Hope College, football

I'm looking forward to: heading into the next chapter of my life with the discipline that a sport like football requires and growing with a community of brothers over the next four years.

I'll most remember: the impact my coaches and teammates had on my life while we all pushed each other and worked together to be completely dominant over the West Suburban Conference.

Erin Milligan

Indiana University, track

I'm looking forward to: meeting my new teammates and living in a new environment.

I'll most remember: all my great teachers, coaches and friends! They made my high school experience so wonderful.

Lucas Montesantos

University of Illinois Springfield, baseball

I'm looking forward to: taking the person that Hinsdale raised me to be into college and see if he can become the best pitcher that Springfield's ever had.

I'll most remember: the music that I listened to throughout high school the most, so that every time I play those songs I remember my time at Central.

Eleanor Monyek


University of Dayton

I'm looking forward to: traveling around the country to compete against high level programs with Dayton. It's been a dream for as long as I can remember to play at the Division 1 level, and I'm extremely excited to get to work with my team and to continue to grow as an athlete.

I'll most remember: the memoris on and off the court with my team and will cherish my time at Hinsdale Central. Having the support from my school and the surrounding community allowed me to reach new heights as a player and help me achieve my goals.

James Nalepa


University of Kansas

I'm looking forward to: cheer for the NCAA champion Jayhawks. I have already started practices and have great teammates from all over the country from cool, unique backgrounds. KU has incredible school spirit and there's nothing like experiening a basketball game and the rock chalk chant. I learned former US President Theodore Roosevelt called the "Rock Chalk Chant" the best college chant he ever heard. I can't wait to be a spirit leader for KU's teams.

I'll most remember: The Red Devil pep rallies, parades and dances, which make up some of my best memories but senior year was the best. Spring break, graduation and the friendships will be memories I'll have forever. I know I'll stay connected with these friends as we all move on to other things and that's really cool.

Josh Narcisse

College of DuPage, football

I'm looking forward to: my first collegiate game.

I'll most remember: the Friday night lights as well as the memories shared with teammates.

Colby Revord

University of Missouri, cross country/track

I'm looking forward to: meeting new people and making new friends and relationships.

I'll most remember: the school spirit of Hinsdale Central, the fact that the people there build each other up and support one another regardless of

their differences.

Aiden Rowe

Oberlin College, baseball

I'm looking forward to: the sense of brotherhood on the team. Part of the reason I decided to play in college was for that sense of community and guaranteed friends. The playing, traveling, living and hanging out with these guys and the bond that forms is amazing. My father played golf in college and says those are some of the closest friends he's ever made.

I'll most remember: the 5 a.m. workouts with Coach Kittel and the small group I'd do it with. It will never be the same feeling as it was in high school.

Ryan Short

Butler University, football

I'm looking forward to: the journey I am beginning with this new and amazing team at Butler. It has been great getting to know my teammates and I look forward to working with all of them.

I'll most remember: the journey I got to go on with my former teammates at Nazareth Academy. I'll always remember the brotherhood that we will share for a lifetime.

- compiled by Ken Knutson and Pamela Lannom