Galassi best choice to serve on DuPage County Board

A wise woman once told me the best way to affect change in the country is at the local level. That amazing woman, Patti Bellock, diligently served as our state representative for 20 years and continues to take an active role in our community on boards and as a committee person. We need more elected officials like her, giving their time and talents to better our lives on the day-to-day level.

Not many folks are willing to do this; either they are reticent to become involved or have no interest in a deep dive on local issues. My best friend of nearly two decades, Kari Galassi, has raised her competent hand to help keep DuPage safe and maintain the excellence of our schools — two of the main reasons families move here.

Kari has financial acuity for helping maintain a healthy balance sheet, is an attentive listener, has knowledge of past and current legislation (including HB 3447 which reduces the penalty for possessing 1 to 2.9 grams of heroin or fentanyl from a felony to a Class A misdemeanor — this bill has cleared the House), and, most importantly, a sincere desire to serve and improve our community.

I encourage you to vote for her to represent District 3 on the DuPage County Board. She knows right from wrong and absolutely no one will work harder or smarter for you. — Molly Gibson, Hinsdale