Dillard, Bellock support Hart, Galassi in primary

It was an honor to represent Hinsdale for more than two decades as your state senator and state representative. We learned a lot of lessons during our tenures — but one that stands out is that success as a representative of the people requires character, competence, energy and innovative ideas to make a difference.

Many of the challenges we currently face — rising crime, skyrocketing cost of living and burdensome taxes — have occurred because our current elected officials lost sight of what is important to their community. In the 2022 election, we have an opportunity to right our course. We are proudly supporting Greg Hart for DuPage County Board chairman and Kari Galassi for District 3 county board member. Greg is a husband, father and businessman who has shown a unique ability to make our government less costly and more innovative during his tenure. In just five years, Greg has earned national recognition for making DuPage a leader in combating the opioid epidemic. Kari Galassi is a mom, wife and successful businesswoman who led the Yes for D86 referendum. Her efforts helped ensure D86 schools remain quality educational institutions for our kids. Greg Hart and Kari Galassi — both Hinsdale residents — are the leaders we need for these challenging times. They will do all they can to keep DuPage safe, prosperous and filled with opportunity for our kids and grandkids. We ask you to join us in voting for Greg and Kari next Tuesday, June 28. — former Sen. Kirk Dillard and former Rep. Patti Bellock