Resident supports Galassi, Hart for county board

On April 19, 2001, my wife, Tracey, and I moved to the United States from Northern Ireland for what was meant to be a temporary work opportunity. Tracey was carrying our first baby, who became the first American citizen in our family. Becoming U.S. citizens ourselves took many years of waiting and trying, finally culminating at a swearing-in ceremony in Chicago.

The first election we have the privilege to take part in hits close to home, as we know a candidate who’s running well and are ardent supporters of her cause. Kari Galassi is running with Greg Hart for the DuPage County Board. Their platforms on crime and education are the foremost reasons for our enthusiasm, other than the fact we have been fortunate to know Kari for 12 years and trust her implicitly.

From 2019-21 the unlawful use of weapons doubled and since 2018 carjackings are up 300 percent in DuPage County. Our “woke” politicians consistently attempt to implement relaxed policies on crime that have only worsened our condition. They’ve fabricated environments ubiquitous with unpunished crime and, as usual, it’s the hard-working and most vulnerable people paying the worst kind of costs.

We have the opportunity in upcoming elections to set a new path. Tracey and I feel very fortunate, as we now have the privilege to vote for Kari and Greg, who we believe will put the right people and policies in place allowing our great neighborhoods to flourish with those time-tested American ideals of liberty and justice. — Stuart McCarroll, Hinsdale