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2022 DEBS, HONOR GUARD Announced

The Hinsdale Assembly has announce its 2022 debutantes and honor guard. Over the next year, these exemplary young women and men will participate in a variety of community service projects. This year of volunteer service will culminate with a wonderful family celebration at the Hinsdale Assembly Ball Dec. 23 at the Hilton Oak Brook Hills Resort.

For 2022, the Hinsdale Assembly has announced a five-year, $250,000 commitment to help renovate the Hinsdale Hospital Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit. Renovating this vital area of the hospital will provide the most fragile newborn patients the best possible care through updated infrastructure and equipment.

The 2022 debutantes are

• Sydney Katherine Akers, daughter of Julie and Jeffrey Akers

• Ellie Mae Kathleen Andrzejewski, daughter of Kerry and Adam Andrzejewski

• Kenna Kay Fikejs, daughter of Kimberly and David Fikejs

• Maura Elizabeth Fitzgerald, daughter of Julie and Richard Fitzgerald

• Hanna Corinne Florence, daughter of Kathleen and Walter Florence

• Elise Gabrielle Gillman, daughter of Lee and J. Scott Gillman

• Sydney Lane Holmes, daughter of Lisa and Chad Holmes

• Margaret Anne Hughes, daughter of Molly and Gerald Hughes

• Hally Anne Huizenga, daughter of Abigail and PJ Huizenga

• Meredith Rhys Lee, daughter of Valerie and Michael Lee

• Isabella Kay Leigh, daughter of Kimberly and Britton Leigh

• Sofia Grace Lewis, daughter of Kristen and William Lewis

• Caroline Claire Lynch, daughter of Jacqueline and Joseph Lynch

• Ava MacRae Newcomer, daughter of Tish and James Newcomer

• Julia Kelly Rock, daughter of Lauren and Jay Rock

• Isabella Mei Terry, daughter of Annie and Jeffrey Terry

• Camryn Leigh Ward, daughter of Ann Marie and Francis Ward Jr.

The 2022 honor guard members are

• Timothy George Aziz, son of Nermeen and George Aziz

• Truman Grant Carter, son of Tamra and Terry Carter

• Noah Joseph Hernandez, son of Therese and Jose Hernandez

• Jack Thomas Hesser, son of Jennifer and Derrick Hesser

• Andrew Edward Holmes, son of Lisa and Chad Holmes

• Dean Kamenev, son of Lina and Alexey Kamenev

• Olivier Guy Paris Lorin, son of Stacy and Marc Lorin

• Jack Michael Morrissey, son of Melanie and Francis Morrissey

• Scott Everett Towery, son of Kimberly and Christopher Towery

• Samuel Thomas Waldron, son of Amy and Thomas Waldron