Why is the superintendent on Zoom with clergy leaders?

Superintendent Prentiss has now been revealed (FOIA 1099) to have met on Zoom with a group of local clergy leaders. In an email between Prentiss and a local pastor on Jan 27, the pastor discusses the need for “people with political skill sets” to be brought into their conversations. On Jan. 28, just one day after community members begin publicly calling for Prentiss’ resignation, Prentiss indicates her preference for meeting with a group of clergy because “I think we are at ICU level.”

On Feb. 8, that meeting with local clergy leaders takes place with Prentiss. BOE President Terri Walker also twice confirmed that she would attend the call, although her actual participation is not documented. What is the “ICU level” Prentiss refers to? Could it be that Prentiss caused her own emergency on Jan. 13 by reading and publicly releasing a consultant’s incendiary letter that Prentiss, herself, helped write. The letter, co-written by the consultant who visited Hinsdale for one single morning and Prentiss, slanders Hinsdale, labeling it as “dangerous” and “not safe.” Why is Prentiss seeking help from “ICU level?”

Since the reading of the doctored letter and revelations about the Zoom meeting with clergy leaders, calls for Prentiss resignation have reached a fever pitch. When will the D86 Board of Education come to the conclusion that D86 needs trustworthy leadership, not manipulation? Until they do, please join over 1,300 of your neighbors in calling for Prentiss’ contract to be terminated. Sign the petition at Change.org/StopPrentiss. — Angie Sartori, Clarendon Hills