New season brings new ways to appreciate village

In just three days, we can officially bid farewell to winter.

At 10:33 a.m. Sunday, March 20, the Northern Hemisphere will celebrate the Spring Equinox, the time when daylight begins to win out over darkness.

Some TV meteorologists might have led you to believe that the start of spring — “meteorological spring” — was March 1. They made that up.

The vernal equinox marks the halfway point between the winter solstice in December and the summer solstice in June, marking the shortest and longest days of the year, respectively.

All this has to do with the migration of the sun’s rays from the Tropic of Cancer to the Tropic of Capricorn and the earth’s orbit and other things like that. But hey, we’re not meteorologists. We’re just excited for the start of spring, especially here in Hinsdale.

After all, there is plenty to enjoy about springtime in this town. Here are a few of our favorites.

• Watching the piles of snow that have spent the winter in the parking lot at the Hinsdale Community Pool shrink from mountains to rolling hills.

• Seeing phrases like “spring bulbs” and “floral attire” are appearing on our pages (in a Vern Goers ad and Society Spotlight column, respectively).

• Hearing the Hinsdale Village Board talk about plans for outdoor dining in the central business district.

• Observing the blankets of white snow that surrounded homes in real estate ad photos have been replaced by verdant green lawns.

• Holding on to hope in the west wing of The Hinsdalean’s office that the Cubs will have a better season than the White Sox (while the east wing hopes the opposite).

• Anticipating the first Uniquely Thursdays concert, which is only 13 weeks away.

• Seeing the smiling faces of rows and rows of pansies blooming in the greenhouse at Vern Goers.

• Enjoying fun-filled and relaxing week on a sunny beach or on the slopes or overseas or even right here in town during spring break.

• Watching hundreds of plastic eggs disappear from the field at Robbins Park in less than two minutes during the village’s annual Easter egg hunt.

• Noticing tips of tulips sticking up through the ground in the central business district.

• Taking advantage of opportunities to get outdoors and raise money to support worthy causes, including the Walk for Ukraine this Saturday, the Walk for Wellness May 1 and the Walk the Walk for Mental Health May 15.

Happy spring, Hinsdaleans!