Hinsdale students don't need to hear equity 'drivel'

Let’s talk straight. Hinsdale D86 parents need not feel ashamed, demoralized, guilty for their hard-earned efforts that blessedly allows them the choice of communities and school districts. There is a sacrificial price to pay in order to live in Hinsdale and that is, hard work. Equity consultant? Why? To belittle, shame, demoralize and lay guilt on the children of this community that do not deserve it. Parents protect their children from this kind of assault. Teachers of Hinsdale are hired to protect their students, too. The young people of Hinsdale are kind, generous, intelligent, loving and polite. I have yet to meet one who isn’t. Good job, parents!

D86, quit attempting to turn Hinsdale children into devils. They are the leaders of the future. Honor them, do not attack them and waste their precious school time with equity drivel. Hinsdale kids already know right from wrong. — Renee Mumford, Hinsdale