Public not demanding an equity consultant in D86

After two failed attempts, the D86 superintendent persists in pursuit of an equity consultant for the school district.

The superintendent points to a strategic plan ratified by a prior school board in 2018. It says nothing about an equity consultant. In October 2025, regulations will require new teachers to have been trained in culturally responsive teaching and these govern training facilities, not high schools. Local school boards have no duty to implement these measures, ever.

The superintendent tells us she is bound by the recommendation of the D86 Cultural and Equity Leadership Team. CELT operates in secret and the public has no opportunity to examine meeting minutes or understand CELT’s reasoning and methods. I’m sure CELT is comprised of good persons with good intentions, but it is merely another (flawed) way to collect public opinion favorable to the superintendent. The public should have the right to understand what CELT is doing and why.

There is no mandate for a D86 equity consultant. — Creighton Meland, Hinsdale