Reactions to proposed diversity trainer cause sadness

Jesus counseled “Be Not Afraid” over a hundred times in the Christian scriptures. He urged folks to let go of fear and trust that God is love and that love is the only way through. Our faith teaches that the only way to create a safe world for some of us is to create it for all of us.

The people who attacked and threatened Ms. Valbrun are afraid. Afraid that by somehow learning more about our past, they may have to change their minds — may have to give up some false sense of superiority. But life is change — and things which can’t change are already dead.

In the wake of this embarrassment, do not set up even deeper camps of “us vs. them.” Talk to your neighbors. Work together to make the world a kinder and safer place for all of our children. Don’t be afraid to learn about the distressing history of racism, the systemic policies done by our government to keep one group of people in power over another. Not knowing doesn’t make it not true. Open your hearts and minds. Remember Mt 25:40: ‘Whatever you do to the least of these, you do to me.’

Hinsdale can take a leading role in making the world safer for everyone, upholding the worth and dignity of every child and adult, no matter their race or creed or color. Be not afraid. It is our work to do. — the Rev. Pamela Rumancik, Unitarian Church of Hinsdale