Jamie Quinn got her start in real estate seven years ago, but selling Hinsdale to homebuyers is something she's been preparing for her whole life.

"There's probably no one who would know Hinsdale better," said Quinn, who was raised in Hinsdale and returned to her hometown two years ago to raise her family and grow her career in real estate.

She and husband Thomas brought their two daughters to Hinsdale in 2019. Among other things, Quinn said she enjoys walks to downtown, introducing her 115-pound yellow lab to neighbors and weekend date nights at Nabuki.

"It's the best decision we have ever made," Quinn said of the choice to leave Chicago for life back in the suburbs. "It's a great place to raise a family."

She also has never regretted her decision to leave a successful corporate job for the life of a real estate agent.

"I went all in and never looked back," said Quinn, who was driven to her new career by her love of real estate and a desire to be her own boss.

As an agent with D'Aprile Properties, Quinn said she has a full team of professionals supporting her from listing to closing and beyond. From marketing experts to home inspectors and contractors, Quinn said she has tools at her fingertips to meet every customer's needs.

Those needs, however, can vary greatly. While some might need to be close to the train, others are looking for more space or a yard for their growing family.

"Every single client I work with has a different need or want," Quinn noted. She said she loves the challenge of finding the right home for every client.

"That's where the fun part comes in. I just dive in," she said.

With inventory at a minimum, it's a seller's market in Hinsdale. Quinn said buyers who rely on the MLS alone are unlikely to find what they're looking for. That's where Quinn's relationships and networking come in. Through her involvement with the Hinsdale Historical Society, the Hinsdale Junior Women's Club and other organizations, she said she often learns of available properties before they hit the market.

"I'm very involved in the town," she said.

Rather than wait for the holiday season to pass, Quinn said she encourages buyers and sellers to remain active throughout December and January. Buyers will likely face less competition, and sellers know that those who are shopping through the holidays are serious about buying.

She tells her sellers to go ahead with holiday decorations.

"They make the house look homey," she said, and help potential buyers picture themselves gathered around the tree or in front of the fire.

Quinn also advises against waiting for the current market to settle back to what once was thought to be normal.

"Homes are going to continue to appreciate, so if you're on the sideline waiting for things to cool down, you may be waiting for some time," Quinn said.

In the meantime, today's low interest rates could inch higher. Those who wait, she said, could end up spending more money and paying more for their mortgage.

- by Sandy Illian Bosch