Answer to what's going on in D86 is clear

In response to your recent editorial, “No clear explanation for what’s going on in D86,” we believe that the new board’s resistance to the administration’s agenda is entirely clear. The April election saw an unprecedented shift of four seats away from the incumbents largely due to the community’s complete “lack of faith in the administration.”

The previous board rubber-stamped policies and failed to question the administration’s often arbitrary, capricious and ineffective policies (e.g. COVID protocols, discussions of remote versus in-person learning and curriculum changes attempting to achieve “equity”).

An earlier editorial (“People pleasing can be dangerous motive for board”) stated, “Be careful about giving too much weight to public opinion.” “Public opinion” in the election process is exactly the force that should be defining what is taught in our classrooms. Parents absolutely have the right and in fact it is their obligation to see their children educated in a manner and with a curriculum they believe best. Your perspective and that of the current administration sound eerily similar to Terry McAuliffe’s recent statement, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

A movement is afoot. Parents all across this great nation are mobilizing and challenging the agendas of their school Administrators. Kudos to James, Levinthal, Waters and local “public opinion” for leading the charge to take back ownership of our kids’ education. — Susan and Jim Draddy, Hinsdale