Ex-Devils look to heat up in NCAA

Standout athletes at Hinsdale Central bring their game to college campuses

The start of a new school year is approaching, and a number of class of 2021 high school graduates will launch their college experience academically and athletically. These fresh Hinsdale Central - and one Fenwick Academy - alums share their visions and reflections as the new chapter opens.

Emily Ascher

Rhodes College, golf

I'm looking forward to: getting to know my new teammates.

I'll remember: how welcoming and supportive everyone in the Red Devil program was, especially since golf is typically an individual sport.

Michael Brescia

Colgate University, football

I'm looking forward to: the team environment and culture at Colgate.

I'll remember: earning those horns with my brothers.

Sofija Buzelis

Furman University, lacrosse

I'm looking forward to: growing as a person on and off the field, to become a great athlete and a even better student. I'm excited to be a part of something bigger.

I'll remember: the spirit that every game day, every practice and every pasta party brought and the hard work that all of my teammates have put in over the years.

Quinn Cain

Tufts University, basketball

I'm looking forward to: hanging out with the guys on the team and competing for a nation championship with them at Tufts.

I'll remember: Getting food with the guys after a hard practice or big win.

Charlotte Callahan

Yale University, lacrosse

I'm looking forward to: working with the phenomenal coaching staff and being part of such a talented team while also gaining a world class education.

I'll remember: Animal Farm, our off-season training program. Three days a week we had lifting and conditioning at 5:30 a.m. in the field house. It was great team bonding and set us up for a winning season.

Brooke Cooper

Cornell University, volleyball

I'm looking forward to: being a part of such an amazing program full of talented coaches and players.

I'll remember: the friendships I have created, some of whom will be my friends forever, Coach Tracey instilling in me to never settle and always strive to be better, and Coach (Lisa Tazelaar) and Kelly (Watson) teaching me discipline and sportsmanship that I will remember and use in all aspects of my life.

Emma Elliott

University of Tennessee at Martin, soccer

I am looking forward to: making new connections with my new teammates and working to accomplish more at a higher level.

I'll remember: the team camaraderie and the willingness to succeed both on and off the field. We always wanted to put in the work for each other.

Ryan Koschik

FC Malaga City Academy (Spain), soccer

I'm looking forward to: developing my game with high-level competition by playing against some of the top clubs in Spain, like Getafe, Atletico Madrid, Granada CF and FC Barcelona.

I'll remember: playing against Morton my junior year. I played a great game and I ended up making one of the biggest saves of my life that got the crowd and my team really pumped up.

Nolan Lahmann

Emory University, swimming

I'm looking forward to: spending a winter without any snow and being a part of a powerhouse swim team.

I'll remember: the Hinsdale Central swim and dive team camaraderie and the way the team bonds together in and out of the pool. It is something I will cherish forever.

J.P. McClear

Rollins College, rowing

I'm looking forward to: working with my new coach, making new friends and for the atmosphere and excitement that the school is going to bring me.

I'll remember: the spirit of encouragement and wishing each other good luck and being with my good friends.

Ryan Orput

Miami University of Ohio, football

I'm looking forward to: creating that family-like bond that we had back at Central.

I'll remember: that our team was more than just full of teammates and friends. It really was a second family.

Erkan Ozgen

Ball State University, swimming

I'm looking forward to: all the new people I'm going to meet, along with the new experiences in the classroom and in the pool.

I'll remember: all the new friends that came with the sport.

Britney Pappas

Taylor University, cheerleading

I'm looking forward to: being able to continue to grow in my relationship with Jesus and being able to help others grow in their faith. I am so thankful that I will be a part of the team.

I'll remember: all the Friday night lights, the music, the excitement in the air, bursting with enthusiasm and the opportunity to represent my school and cheer them to victory!

Charlie Sessa

Columbia University, football

I'm looking forward to: competing and making some new friends at Columbia - as well as being in New York City.

I'll remember: the relationships I made with my teammates, as well as all good memories I made with them while competing and hanging out with them off the court/field.

Ansh Shah

Case Western Reserve University, tennis

I'm looking forward to: starting a new chapter of my life in a very supportive and diverse atmosphere like Case Western and hopefully doing my part to get Case Western a first NCAA national title.

I'll remember: the great culture we continued for the team and the great atmosphere we trained in to improve throughout the season. Training with my friends and being able to play on a team in a sport that is otherwise individual is something I will never forget.

Tim Song

Wabash College, wrestling

I'm looking forward to: being part of a new family and meeting new teammates.

I'll remember: the lasting bonds that our team shared.

Delaney Seligmann (Fenwick)

Brown University, track

I'm looking forward to: meeting new people and taking classes on subjects that interest me. Additionally I look forward to meeting and training with the track team.

I'll remember: the fun of it the most. That and the good attitude everyone had even during difficult workouts. I always left practice feeling happy.

- compiled by Ken Knutson