TransUnion executive joins board of American Red Cross

Everyone is just one storm, one fire or one accident away from needing the services of the American Red Cross. That's why Hinsdale resident Hilary Chidi makes membership on the organization's board part of his already busy life.

An executive vice president at TransUnion and a father of two young boys, Chidi recently joined more than 30 civic and corporate leaders on the volunteer board of the American Red Cross of Illinois.

"The importance of the work they do cannot be understated," he said. "Whenever there is a natural disaster that causes significant damage, the Red Cross plays a role in helping to provide some relief."

But that's not all. The American Red Cross also collects about 40 percent of the blood donations used across the country for surgeries, accidents and medical procedures. Chidi said anyone can donate blood at any time simply by making an appointment at a local donation site.

The Red Cross also offers classes to teach important life-saving techniques such as CPR and First Aid, classes for babysitters and new parents, and many others.

Finally, the Red Cross supports military members, veterans and their families.

"It is a very important aspect of what the Red Cross does," he said.

"I've known about the organization for a very long time," Chidi said. So when a fellow board member asked him to join, he didn't hesitate in accepting the invitation.

"I'm incredibly honored that I was asked to join the board."

As a board member, Chidi is tasked with raising awareness of the work of the Red Cross and raising money to support that work.

Chidi and his family moved to Hinsdale from New York when he started his job at TransUnion. In the four years since they have found a community of neighbors and friends, Chidi said - friends that he hopes will join him in supporting the Red Cross by donating money, giving blood or signing up for a class.

"It's a truly deserving organization," Chidi said, and one that he is proud to represent.

Chidi also serves on the board of Teach for America Chicago, an organization that promotes education equity by recruiting highly trained, quality teachers to areas in need.

"Just like the Red Cross, it also has a very noble mission," he said.

As executive vice president, credit risk and chief sustainability officer at TransUnion in Chicago, Chidi said his job is to build trust and confidence between businesses and consumers. As chief sustainability officer, Chidi ensures that transactions are beneficial in every aspect and to all parties involved. Among other things, he considers the environmental and social impacts of decisions now and in the future.

His employer's support of his participation on the Red Cross and Teach for America boards illustrates TransUnion's commitment to community and sustainability, he said. By giving his time to these organizations, he is doing his part to build a stronger, safer place for all to live and work.

- story by Sandy Illian Bosch, photo provided

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Sandy Illian Bosch is a contributing writer to The Hinsdalean