Good news


Mia Randell of Hinsdale was recently initiated into The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, the nation’s oldest and most selective all-discipline collegiate honor society. Randell was initiated at University of Maryland, College Park.

Randell is among some 30,000 students, faculty, professional staff and alumni to be initiated into Phi Kappa Phi each year. Membership is by invitation only. Only the top 10 percent of seniors and 7.5 percent of juniors are eligible for membership.


Several students from Hinsdale received a degree from their respective college or university during spring 2021 commencement ceremonies.

• Molly Allen, bachelor’s in journalism and mass communication, University of Iowa

• Jacob Belgrad, bachelor’s in environmental studies, Colorado College

• Matt Browne, bachelor’s in mechanical engineering, Union College

• George Bull, bachelor’s in economics, University of Vermont

• Danielle Burich, bachelor’s in enterprise leadership, University of Iowa

• Caroline Chisnell, bachelor’s in communication studies, University of Iowa

• Emery Doney, bachelor’s in business administration/marketing, University of Iowa

• Austin Feldman, bachelor’s in commerce and business administration, University of Alabama

• Chantal Isaac, bachelor’s, University of Alabama

• Elisa Jennings, bachelor’s in classics and English linguistics, Arizona State University

• Alex Kerekes, cum laude, bachelor’s in business administration, Elmhurst University

• Mary Limparis, bachelor’s in communication studies, University of Iowa

• David Makdah, bachelor’s in communication studies, University of Iowa

• Michael Moser, DePauw University

• Mitchell Mulvihill, DePauw University

• Lindsey Riker, master’s in education, University of Mississippi

• Alexander Ritz, bachelor’s in commerce and business administration, University of Alabama

• Peter Schiavitti, bachelor’s in business administration/finance, University of Iowa


Several students from Hinsdale were named to the dean’s list or equivalent at their respective colleges and universities for the spring 2021 semester.

• Nicholas Alfano, University of Iowa

• Molly Allen, University of Iowa

• Mitchell Anderson, University of Iowa

• Christina Aucoin, University of Iowa

• Jack Brubaker, University of Iowa

• Danielle Burich, University of Iowa

• Ella Centracchio, University of Alabama

• Clara Fellows, Marquette University

• Fiona Fitzsimmons, University of Iowa

• Olivia Fix, University of Alabama*

• Ryan Flaherty, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point**

• Jenna Frizzell, University of Alabama*

• Jaena Hanley, Marquette University

• Julia Hanley, Marquette University

• Elizabeth Hepding, University of Iowa

• Chantal Isaac, University of Alabama

• Nora Kiernan, Marquette University

• Riley Knapp, Marquette University

• Kevin Li, University of Iowa

• Claire Livingston, University of Iowa

• Megan McKay, University of Alabama

• Maxwell Midlash, University of Alabama*

• Katie Milani, Marquette University

• Olivia Morrissey, Saint Mary’s College

• Maria Mulvihill, Marquette University

• Kelly Nash, University of Notre Dame

• Charles Parse, University of Alabama*

• Matthew Ritz, University of Alabama

• Grace Rogowski, Lehigh University

• Emma Rosenberg, University of Iowa

• Raabia Sheikh, Marquette University

• Andrew Stevenson, University of Alabama*

• Kristiana Strtak, University of Vermont

• Alexandra Tistle, University of Iowa

• Maud Willemse, University of Alabama

• Nora Wood, Marquette University

• Tony Zhao, Marquette University

* president’s list

** high honors