Student athlete profile

Name: Mary Grant

Year: senior

Hometown: Clarendon Hills

When did you first start playing softball?

First grade. My sister played and my dad coached, so I grew up watching it.

What do you enjoy most about the sport?

I just like being part of a team. It's really team-driven, and I like the game. I've always liked watching baseball and softball. Something has always drawn me to it, I guess.

Is it strange playing after graduation?

It's been kind of weird because normally we're done with the season, and girls who are doing travel are signed up again. It's been kind of nice. The softball season has been the one thing out of the school year that has been the most normal for me.

What is the best advice you've gotten from a coach?

Just not to take every error or mistake too seriously. It's one thing - whether it's striking out or missing a throw or missing a pitch. There's always going to be a next one. You can't get in your head because getting in your head will make it worse. Just stay positive.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

I'm a left-handed pitcher, which is not as common. That throws some people off. I've always been fairly proud of that.

What are your plans for summer and fall?

I am going to college at Miami University of Ohio (business major). My mom is part of a slow-pitch league with all of her friends. She wants me to play with them in the summer when our season is done, so I guess I'll be doing that for a little bit.

Why does coach Brittany Zust like having Grant on the team?

Mary attended our summer camps as a young kid learning the game and worked all through her senior year. Mary is a student of the game. She is constantly analyzing plays as if she was a coach. I think this is a large reason as to why Mary has found success in the game of softball. This mindset has assisted her in her pitching technique and ability to work the count as a hitter. As a teammate, Mary is always offering up advice to the underclassman on how to improve and understand the game. Mary has certainly left her mark on the HC softball program.

- profile by Pamela Lannom, photo by Jim Slonoff