Don't extend bill that strips local cell authority

Although Hinsdale residents have not yet seen cell antennas installed in our front yards, Verizon and other wireless carriers are still planning to flood Illinois towns with hundreds of new cell towers in the near future.

Our state legislators are currently considering stripping local cell tower control for up to another 2 1/2 years with HB 2379, the replacement wireless streamlining bill. As it stands, HB 2379 will allow the unprecedented act of forcing the placement of hundreds of cell towers reaching up to 55 feet tall in the front yard parkways of private residences. This could have a tremendously negative impact on real estate values, neighborhood aesthetics and our health — yet the bill denies residents any rights to refuse these installations. HB 2379 is not needed for new cell towers or any other advanced connectivity; the bill forces a one-size-fits all approach and prevents Hinsdale from pursuing the best technology solutions. If the bill passes, our trustees’ hands will be tied for up to another five years, unable to deny the installation of unsightly cell towers in front of homes. Hinsdale residents have been working tirelessly to prevent these cell tower installations and to restore local control in Illinois. Rep. Mazzochi has been a great partner in our efforts, though many state officials are not aware of how this bill will impact residents. Please contact other Illinois State representatives and senators and request that they vote “No” on HB 2379, or on any amendments to the bill that limit local control. — Amber Nolan, Hinsdale