Boards name committee members

The Community Consolidated Elementary District 181 and Hinsdale High School District 86 boards have approved committee member and liaison assignments following their reorganization meetings this month.

District 181

Academic Success Committee — Bill Cotter (chair), Grace Shin (co-chair)

Finance Committee — Sinead Duffy (chair), Michael Martin (co-chair)

Facilities Committee — Sarah Jakobsen (chair), Margie Kleber (co-chair)

PTO Liaison — Duffy (chair), Shin (alternate)

Foundation Liaison — Sheetal Rao (chair), Jakobsen

Policy Committee — Jakobsen (chair), Martin

Insurance Committee — Jakobsen (chair) Martin (alternate)

District 86

Closed Session Review Committee — Kathleen Hirsman, (chair), Erik Held, Debbie Levinthal

Facilities Committee — Jeff Waters (chair), Hirsman

Finance Committee — Held (chair), Levinthal, Waters

Human Resources Committee — Cynthia Hanson (chair),

Terri Walker, Hirsman

Insurance Committee — Held (chair), Peggy James, Levinthal

Parent-Teacher Advisory Committee — Hanson (chair), Hirsman, James

Policy Committee — Hirsman (chair), Hanson, James

Security and Technology Committee — James (chair),


Special Committee for Community Engagement Committee — Walker (chair), Waters