Trustees mull changes to part-time pay plan

Hinsdale trustees Tuesday discussed a proposed pay plan for part-time employees to help bring the compensation structure in line with comparable communities.

The recommendation to shift the village from its current open range pay plan to one with steps is also aimed at implementing a more orderly progression through the wage range based on years of service and acceptable performance.

The village presently has 15 employees working in part-time, non-seasonal roles, such as the positions of parking enforcement officer, fire and building inspector, accounts payable/finance clerk and all KLM Lodge staffers. Historically, the minimum and maximum pay rates for these positions were adjusted annually based on cost of living.

But village officials reported that the pay plan itself had not been evaluated in many years, prompting an analysis to determine how the structure and wage rates compare to communities within 10 miles of Hinsdale. The study found that the village’s pay range for a part-time position can vary by 50 to 54 percent, well above the 35 to 40 percent range typical in other towns.

For example, a part-time economic development coordinator, as an NM8 grade employee, makes an hourly minimum of $29.58 and maxes out at $44.97, a difference of about 52 percent. Under the revised step plan, that employee would start at $32 an hour and be eligible by year 13 to earn $45.86, a rise of 36.42 percent.

In her memo to trustees, Tracy McLaughlin, the village’s human resources consultant, cited The Society for Human Resources Management’s recommendation of a salary range from 30 to 40 percent.

“There are up to 15 steps based upon market data,” McLaughlin stated of the new plan. “The first three steps have a 2.5 percent increase between steps, then a 3 percent increase until Step 12 (after 11 years). After Step 12, the increase between steps decreases to 2.5 percent.”

As of May 1, employees in the plan will be placed in the next highest step to their current wage rate. Upon their service anniversary, they are eligible for a step increase. She also told board members that Illinois’ recently changed minimum wage rate also will have an impact on the new part-time pay plan.

The implementation of the plan would not impact the village’s 2021 budget, according to McLaughlin.

Trustees are expected to vote on the measure at their May 4 meeting.

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Ken Knutson is associate editor of The Hinsdalean