Shin, a former teacher, will be great on D181 Board

Congratulations to Grace Shin, a fellow community member and mother of three children in the district who was elected to the D181 School Board Tuesday.

Grace has a background in education with a master’s in education from the University of Michigan as well as seven years of teaching experience. Grace has served on multiple steering committees working with curriculum framework development and was lead writer of the first grade Language Arts curriculum in her previous district.

Grace’s involvement with D181 over the past six years has included service on D181 Learning Committee, Academic Success Committee and Parent Teacher Advisory Committee. Grace also served as Oak School PTO president and chaired nine separate PTO committees. Grace has been a part of academic conversations over the last few years having seen transitions through from her first year on the learning committee five years ago to her current seat on the ASC. Grace is passionate about maintaining stability within the DOL as well as helping the district make good forward progress based on data-driven decisions to benefit all students.

Grace is a woman of high integrity, and she is passionate about students and how they will shape the future. We trust that her care and passion as well as her experience in working with students and families from all backgrounds and academic strengths will give her wonderful insight and wisdom as a school board member. — Katie Stromberg, Denys Kang and Jenny Boots