Pinnow would bring voice of reason to D86 Board

I believe that Mark Pinnow would be a valuable asset to the District 86 Board of Education. He would bring collaboration and an evidence based approach to the board and he is a much needed voice of reason.

Mark has a strong business background, and he knows that goals need to be measured against benchmarks to make sure that we reach them. The district is facing a lot of change right now, from getting the back in school to major curriculum changes. We need someone who can work with the administration to come up with well-thought-out plans that are evaluated throughout their implementation in order to be successful. We need someone pragmatic who can use data to make sure any changes in curriculum improve student achievement. As he said on his website, “What gets measured, gets done.” He will hold the administration accountable for the decisions they make and make sure they benefit all of our students.

Mark also believes in collaboration and has already met with multiple administrators, teachers and community members to gain a better understanding of the issues facing our district and to push for more relevant data to get a clearer picture of the state of the district. He knows that open dialogue between all parties produces the best outcomes. He wants to build trust between the district and the community by improving communication and transparency between the two. His goal is to see our schools succeed together.

Vote Mark #1 on April 6. — Michelle and Joe Foley, Willowbrook