Past D181 board members support James, Waters

As former D181 BOE members, we are writing to express our strong support for Peggy James and Jeff Waters, who are running for the D86 Board of Education.

Since the passage of the D86 facilities referendum in 2019, the current D86 BOE has approved significant curriculum overhauls that we believe are unwarranted. Science curriculum changes were implemented in 2020-21 that reduced students’ options. In our opinion, an Integrated Math program was approved in 2020 without meaningful discussion, data analysis and community engagement.

The board should focus on ensuring that there are educational opportunities for all students. Peggy James and Jeff Waters will ensure that each student receives the instructional time necessary to succeed and that our schools are opened safely.

Peggy and Jeff are well versed with the current issues facing D86 and understand the need for a majority of the students to be in the classroom while making sure remote learning is not compromised, if that is the chosen form of instruction. They are committed to making data driven decisions and using change management to ensure the system is not stressed by implementing too many changes at the same time. Peggy and Jeff want to make sure our tax dollars are being used to make changes that fit our district. If elected, Peggy James and Jeff Waters promise to bring the community back to the table and provide transparency and open governance.

Please cast your vote for #4 and #6 on April 6 for the D86 BOE. — Mridu Garg and Brendan Heneghan, Hinsdale