Former D86 president backs Levinthal and Walker

D86 is at a crossroads. The last 18 months have brought changes and challenges to the district that have negatively impacted the educational delivery and experiences of all the students and the ability of the community to have meaningful engagement with the school board on critical issues. Beyond the impact on our kids, these changes likely will have long-term implications on our property values. Many of us moved to this district for its strong academic excellence. Families who once moved here because it was a lighthouse district will likely move to districts that are more welcoming and are not rolling out unpiloted programs.

Is the district making data-driven decisions? Where was the data for the science curriculum change? Where is the data for the math curriculum change? What outcomes will be measured? I believe the community is still waiting for those answers.

A board of education has control of the narrative, but I believe this board has not communicated in an effective manner. Their dismissive behavior has not given the community any sense of decisions being made with data or with targeted outcomes.

I wholeheartedly support two outstanding candidates for the District 86 Board of Education. Terri Walker and Debra Levinthal will bring much needed data-driven decision-making as well as a true vision for returning the district back to one of excellence.

I hope you join me in voting for Terri Walker and Debra Levinthal for the D86 BOE on April 6. ­— Kay Gallo, former D86 board president (2015-17), Clarendon Hills