Kleber's leadership is essential to D181 board

I urge the community to re-elect Margie Kleber for the District 181 School Board. I have known Margie for over 30 years. She is a person of tremendous integrity who also possesses a practical, common-sense approach. In addition, she has an unfailing work ethic, which she couples with outstanding organizational and leadership skills to get the job done. My husband and I have lived in Hinsdale since 1992. The exceptional education children receive from District 181 schools was a major driver in our decision to move to Hinsdale. Our two sons attended Monroe School and Clarendon Hills Middle School and had amazing experiences at both. The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged everyone, but particularly families with young children, such as those in District 181. Now, when schools are on the cusp of fully reopening with the associated complications, is not the time to change leadership, especially when Margie has already done such an exceptional job of helping the administration, teachers, parents and children during this difficult period. Margie is a treasure of this community. I urge you to vote to reelect her to the District 181 School Board. — Jane Klewin Grimm, Hinsdale