Former D181 CFO encourages vote for Kleber on April 6

I support re-electing Margie Kleber for D181 School Board.

As past CFO and treasurer, I worked closely with Margie on several initiatives and was impressed with her attention to detail and willingness to learn and understand the complexities of public school management, including school construction, curriculum, governance and long-term financial planning and managing the tax rate. D181 building and district leadership are dedicated and exceptional; Margie has always shown a deep respect and appreciation for the superintendent and his team.

As facilities chair, Margie oversaw the building of Hinsdale Middle School, negotiated the IGA with the Village of Hinsdale and finalized the D181 Facility Master Plan. Margie did her homework before meetings, asked questions and actively listened to community members. She made sure HMS construction remained on schedule and under budget and that the parking deck was safe and aesthetically pleasing.

Margie was on the teachers contract negotiation team. This was a challenging assignment, and we worked collaboratively with teachers to ensure the contract was fair, financially sustainable and allowed for additional resources to improve instructional services and learning. She genuinely cares about students, teachers and other employees who serve the students.

The community is fortunate to have talented community members like Margie to serve as board and committee members. Continuity in leadership is extremely beneficial, and I urge the community to vote for Margie Kleber, a seasoned, experienced board member who is a good steward of taxpayer resources and supportive of the administration, teachers and students. — Mohsin Dada, retired D181 CFO and treasurer