Host of reasons to elect Pinnow to D86 Board

Mark Pinnow and I were co-chairs for the Gower referendum committee last fall. I believe that Mark should serve on the D86 BOE for the following reasons.

Commitment: Mark has regularly attended D86 BOE meetings since 2015. He is research-driven and has consistently reached out to past and current administration to better understand decisions and suggest improvements, actively investing himself in D86 outcomes.

Experience: Mark has decades of experience overseeing and implementing policies and pathways. He is data-driven and systematic in assessing new initiatives and evaluating prior efforts.

Unifyring: Mark is vested in both schools equally. Living in a Central attendance area and choosing to send his children to South, he lives the impact of both schools’ successes.

Cohesive: Not only has Mark been actively following D86 issues for years, but he has done the same at feeders. Mark was a collaborative partner with Gower, driving the implementation of cohesive growth metrics between feeders and D86 — something he aims to implement broadly and concretely across the entire district.

Listener: He feels strongly that effective communication needs to happen at the highest levels and beyond. Being a consensus-builder, Mark will take these experiences to the board table to establish opportunities for two-way communication between the district and community. He aims to inform broader understanding of initiatives and decisions being made. Mutual respect and transparency are at the core of his goals.

For these reasons, and more, Mark is exactly who D86 needs. Mark #1 on your ballots this April 6. — Megan Lawrence, Willowbrook