Edwards brings fresh voice, experience to D86

Tamakia “TJ” Edwards is an invaluable voice on the D86 BOE, offering consistency and community voice through compassionate, thoughtful and experienced leadership. TJ has been on the board for about seven months; while relatively new, she is advanced on the steep learning curve every new board member faces — setting her apart from most candidates. She hit the ground running in August 2020 just as the reality of the pandemic set in, and has since been navigating her role with grace and fortitude.

Tamakia is a fierce advocate for all students and does her due diligence in understanding the rationale behind decisions, as well as sharing community feedback directly to the administration. She takes her responsibility seriously, attending BOE meetings with pages of notes and questions to ask of the team. Tamakia is willing to ask tough questions, as evidenced in the last BOE meeting on March 11, when she dug in to understand the proposed grading changes and championed the community feedback she received from across all D86. Representation is important, and while Tamakia works hard to hear and consider all community members from across all feeders, the lived experience each person and community brings to the table is critical in ensuring that decisions being made reflect all feeders. Tamakia Edwards is the fresh perspective, fierce advocate, measured voice and consistent experience we need to see D86 through these critical times. Vote Tamakia Edwards #2 on April 6. — Nagla Fetouh, Willowbrook