D181 Board member will support Kleber on April 6

Four the past four years I have had the pleasure of serving on the D181 Board with Margie Kleber. Over those four years, Margie, the rest of the board and I have tackled a variety of issues and events: hiring a new superintendent, fighting a lawsuit against the HMS referendum, negotiating two labor contracts (including the teachers contract), negotiating with the Village of Hinsdale on the parking deck, managing through a budget deficit, completing the construction of HMS on time and under budget and, of course, managing the response to COVID. All of these things on top of the day-to-day business of overseeing a school district: curriculum, finances, HR, facilities, etc.

Margie and I have often had very different points of view on some topics; however, she has always been fair and supported the final majority will of the board. As I complete my term, I realize the broad set of experiences and knowledge one gains in the role. As the district faces the ongoing response to COVID, upcoming contract negotiations, a rapidly evolving financial situation and the inevitable host of other unforeseen issues, having Margie’s experience, leadership and desire to work with the broader board are critical to achieving the best outcomes for our district.

In addition, I would encourage all to consider running in future board (D181 or D86) elections. The issues are real, the impact is felt and you ultimately have a one in seven voice in the decision making. It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it. — Nathan Lucht, Hinsdale