Waters, James understand what is at stake in D86

I am writing to announce my enthusiastic endorsement of Jeff Waters and Peggy James for the D86 Board of Education.

As the campaign manager for the 2019 D86 referendum, I spent countless hours working alongside Jeff. While attending meetings, knocking on doors and having great dialogue with both “Yes” and “No” voters across the district, I personally witnessed Jeff work tirelessly and passionately for the betterment of all 4,000 students in our district for over five months. I observed him consistently respond to various difficult issues with eloquence and true concern. Through that process, Jeff gained a strong awareness of the nuances and issues within our district. This hard-working attitude combined with Jeff’s temperament and district knowledge make him well-suited for the BOE role.

Additionally, Jeff has chosen Peggy as his running mate; a decision I fully endorse. Jeff and Peggy align on three major issues facing the district: the need to revisit damaging changes to our S.T.E.M. program, the need for greater urgency to safely reopen schools and the need for transparent BOE governance. Peggy and Jeff are data driven; they will make decisions based on evidence and with consideration of community concerns.

The issues facing our district are dire. As such, I request earnestly that our community members make every effort to understand what is at stake. On April 6, please cast your vote for Jeff Waters and Peggy James as they are determined to protect the interests of our children and our district. — Kari Galassi, Hinsdale