Walker will bring the change needed to the D86 Board

Hinsdale, we have a problem. Many of us moved to Hinsdale because it is best in class. Consistently ranked one of the top places to live in Illinois, Hinsdale has enjoyed a sterling reputation for its public education system, which ensures our children are prepared for success and our property values remain strong.

That reputation is in danger due to the D86 board’s inability to lead. Lack of transparency in governance. Suppression of different views. Curriculum decisions apparently being made without sufficient analysis of data or a communicated rationale. What? This is not how we do things here.

Luckily, we have an answer — Terri Walker. Terri is a thoughtful, strong and intelligent HR executive and mother of two Hinsdale students. I have known Terri for several years, as our boys attended Madison (and now HMS) together. Terri is not seeking the role because of ego or as a hobby. Terri has skin in the game and wants to preserve Hinsdale’s high standards of academic excellence and support for all students.

Terri will champion open governance, accountability for our administration, and decisions about curriculum based on facts, evidence and what is best for our children and community.

Vote for Terri Walker for D86 Board. She is the right leader at the right time. — Felicia Manno, Hinsdale