Levinthal will work for D86 students, community

I am extremely pleased to support Debbie Levinthal, candidate for the District 86 Board, and in my view, one of the original advocates for maintaining academic excellence in our district.

She has been “part of the conversation” since 2019 when the first of the high school curriculum changes was proposed for the science program. Months later, when a new math curriculum was presented, Debbie did extensive research on the proposal and proactively reached out to district administrators to advocate against this curriculum change and in favor of keeping the traditional math program. Significantly, Debbie has recognized that the curriculum redesign under way will lead to fewer choices for students at both high schools. Debbie wants all students to have more options to pursue their dreams, not fewer.

As a board member, Debbie will open the lines of communication within the district by working with all stakeholders and promoting a transparent environment. She is committed to listening to all points of view and envisions residents being able to voice their opinions in district focus groups and town halls. She has spoken to the principals at Hinsdale South and Hinsdale Central and has held meet and greets to connect with community members. Debbie puts herself out there, and if elected, she will do so for all of our students and families.

For all of these reasons, I hope you will join me in giving Debbie Levinthal one of your votes for the District 86 Board. — Andrew Packer, Hinsdale