Levinthal will bring integrity, objectivity to D86

I am writing to share my enthusiastic support for Debbie Levinthal for the District 86 Board of Education this April. Debbie is a dear family friend, respected neighbor and an amazingly caring mother to four wonderful children, two of whom currently attend Hinsdale Central.

When first meeting Debbie years ago, it was a comical turn of events when my husband recognized her as his algebra II and trigonometry teacher from New Trier High School. From my husband’s personal experience, I quickly learned that Debbie was an esteemed teacher with knowledge and passion for all students and families in public education.

Ever since my first interaction with Debbie, my respect for her has only grown. I have sought her opinion on several issues within our school district and am always impressed with her ability to look at issues from all angles. Debbie has always been patient, actively listens and is respectful when speaking to her perspective. This type of integrity and objective thinking is exactly what Hinsdale needs in our board members. She is knowledgeable, makes sound, evidence based decisions and is thoughtful when listening to all viewpoints.

I have zero doubt that Debbie is the best candidate for the District 86 Board of Education and will come to the table prepared to make intelligent and impactful decisions. I will be voting for Debbie Levinthal on April 6 and urge others to do the same. — Ashley Pearson, Hinsdale