Central students defends practice of tying ribbons

My name is Haley Dynis, I’m a junior at Hinsdale Central High School and a life-long friend of Kendall Pickering. I’ve recently seen articles regarding the ribbons around town honoring the life of Kendall. As residents have displayed disapproval of the ribbons, I too would like to voice my opinion of their disrespect to our honorable gesture.

Loved ones of Kendall took the week after her passing to put up ribbons in her honor. The ribbons stayed up for less than two months before being deemed a controversy in our town. By the time we heard the ribbons were a “nuisance”, as labeled in The Hinsdalean article, “Untangling Ribbon Row,” it was Kendall’s 16th birthday.

To think there were “600+ emails” sent to the village makes me believe those people might need a hobby or perhaps they can take them down themselves. The ribbons were on “parkway trees,” insinuating that they’re on public property. Anyone can take them down as they please.

The insensitive comments regarding the ribbons are entirely hurtful to loved ones of Kendall. The ribbons may have been up too long, but the response to this harmless gesture is inconsiderate.

Finally, to the 600+ people voicing their opinions to the village, I hope you never experience this type of grief. I hope your community members don’t label your remembrance a “nuisance.” And I hope that as a community, we can work together to try and be more empathetic in similar situations. — Haley Dynis, Hinsdale