Levinthal will focus on improving D86 schools

The D86 BOE needs Debbie Levinthal at the table.

I know Debbie Levinthal first as a neighbor, but when D86 started discussing curriculum changes, Debbie stepped up to advocate for our kids and the academic excellence of our schools. More than a concerned parent, Debbie approached the proposed curriculum changes calmly as a seasoned teacher — sitting down with teachers and administrators to understand what motivated the changes and what metrics demonstrated these changes would improve outcomes for all students.

As a former high-level math teacher at New Trier and Stevenson, Debbie Levinthal brings a refreshing passion and perspective to the school board — representing parents and teachers. As a parent, Debbie understands how important it is for parents to be heard. As a BOE member, Debbie will advocate for more two-way communication. As a teacher, Debbie knows that teaching to the middle fails both ends of the spectrum: students who struggle and students who need a challenge. While the current board suggests Hinsdale 86 hasn’t updated curriculum in decades, as a teacher, Debbie knows that curriculum evolves on an ongoing basis.

Debbie moved to Hinsdale for our schools, and as a Hinsdale 86 board member she is dedicated to raising excellence with integrity — to improve the schools that inspired her to make Hinsdale her home. — Kim Nibeck Notaro, Hinsdale