Meeting roundup

Hinsdale Village Board

Among other business Tuesday night, trustees:

• indicated support for converting the two-way stop at Maple and Washington streets to a four-way stop. The item will be on the consent agenda at the March 16 village board meeting.

• heard Mark Margason ask them to revise the policy regarding memorial ribbons on trees to give it more teeth. He said he and other residents in his group would like ribbons to be tied only on trees at the Memorial Building. They also believe residents should have to fill out a form before tying any ribbons.

Trustees said they would like to give the policy they approved two weeks ago a chance. It requires ribbons to be removed 14 days after they are put up.

“As trustees we are trying to walk the path between allowing people to mourn deceased residents the way they see fit and keep our village looking nice,” Village President Tom Cauley said.

• reviewed an ordinance adding a new chapter to the Hinsdale Village Code regarding group homes for people with disabilities. Trustees are expected to vote on the ordinance March 16.