HPL candidate Dick Munson's election questionnaire


Name: Richard (Dick) Munson

Years in village: 9

Age: 70

Education: BA in History at University of California, Santa Barbara

MA in History at University of Michigan

Occupation: Writer; had been senior director at Environmental Defense Fund

Community service: Food bank contributions

Board experience: Have served on numerous non-profit environmental and health-care boards of directors.

Why are you running for this particular seat at this particular time?

I recently retired from my day-job and want to try to give back to the Hinsdale community, particularly its great library.

What in your personal or professional experience has prepared you to be an effective board member?

I’ve gained an understanding of the book business and libraries by writing seven books and giving presentations about them to libraries across the country, including a talk at the Hinsdale library about my bio of Nikola Tesla.

What in your opinion are the board’s three most important responsibilities?

1. Keep the library pandemic safe and financially solvent.

2. Make the library a community space for kids and adults.

3. Help the library staff advance the joy of reading.

What is the village’s greatest strength? Which area is most in need of attention?

Hinsdale enjoys a great library, one that provides diverse services to the community. One area of particular interest is enhancing the institution’s adult offerings by attracting presentations/discussions with diverse authors and artists.

What is the most pressing budgetary matter the village will face over the next four years?

The library’s board and staff have done a great job balancing the institution’s budget. I hope to continue those efforts.

What will be your top three priorities if elected?

1. Expand adult services, in part by attracting presentations by diverse authors and artists.

2. Enhance offerings – including books, readings, and tutoring – for kids.

3. Increase other cultural offerings, including art and music.

Please cite a recent board decision that you have agreed with and one that you have disagreed with and briefly explain your reason(s) why.

The library board did a great job navigating the pandemic, keeping the staff safe while continuing to offer books to the community.