D181 candidate Christine Dannhausen-Brun's election questionnaire


Name: Christine Dannhausen-Brun, MPH

Attendance area: Oak (but children attend Madison) and HMS - current 5th grader and 7th grader plus 4 children who have graduated out of the District

Years in district: Lived in District 20 years, children in district for 18 years

Age: 52

Education: Bachelors in Psychology - University of Chicago; Masters of Public Health - University of Illinois at Chicago; post-baccalaureate science courses at Loyola University of Chicago

Occupation: Current: Consultant, homemaker, volunteer and community advocate; Previous: Health Care Researcher

Community service: Current - Ad Hoc Health Advisory Committee, CCSD 181; Illinois Medical Professionals Action Collaborative Team; Girl Scout Leader. Previous - Boy Scouts of America; CCSD 181 - Social & Emotional Learning Committee, Yearbook Committee, numerous fundraising committees, and Room Parent for multiple years; District 86 - Senior Finals Committee, Team Parent Sailing Team, Lead Photographer Hinsdale Central Women’s Soccer Team; Advocate Aurora Christ Medical Center and Advocate Aurora Children’s Hospitals Development Committees

Board experience: Queen of Peace High School Board - 6 years including 3 years on executive committee and 1 year as Board President

Why are you running for this particular seat at this particular time? I believe that my skills in looking critically at data and in building consensus will be an asset to the board.

What in your personal or professional experience has prepared you to be an effective board member? I have more than a decade of experience doing interdisciplinary research in health care and education issues as well as 6 years of experience on a previous high school board. I have many years of experience on committees at the school and District level. This has given me significant experience integrating multiple viewpoints to reach consensus decisions. I am willing to ask tough questions and want to understand the needs of all concerned parties, so that all have a voice in reaching the best decisions for the district as a whole.

What in your opinion are the board’s three most important responsibilities? Being fiscally responsible, ensuring that the curriculum, programs and visions of the District meet the needs of all students at every level of the education spectrum, and holding the District Administration responsible for the success of all students and the District.

What is the district’s greatest strength? Which area is most in need of attention? Our Districts greatest strength lies in the passion of our teachers, staff and administrators who understand the needs and expectations of our community. The area most in need of attention is building consensus on the needs for the community and the District.

What is the most pressing budgetary matter the district will face over the next four years? Over the next 4 years, making a fiscally responsible, long-term solution for Administrative offices is the most pressing. However, in the immediate future, there will be a need to continually evaluate what the District needs are in relation to achieving a full reopening and in addressing any academic gaps that have resulted from the last year of educational models.

What will be your top three priorities if elected? 1) Reviewing curriculum and ensuring that the District makes the best use of its resources and capacity to maintain and expand programs such as world languages. 2) Ensuring that the district uses data to ensure that all children continue to achieve success even in light of potential gaps over the last year. 3) Ensuring that the District makes the most fiscally responsible decision regarding any proposed Administrative Center.

Please cite a recent board decision that you have agreed with and one that you have disagreed with and briefly explain your reason(s) why. I agreed with the decision to pursue hybrid schooling with CDC and ISBE recommended mitigations to begin the 2020 school year. I disagree with board members disrespecting one another or the administration in public during meetings. I hope to join a board that is willing to work through open, respectful dialog to reach decisions.