Walker would bring many needed skills to the D86 board

I recommend Terri Walker for the Hinsdale High School District 86 Board in the April 6 election with great enthusiasm.

I met Terri several years ago as a neighbor, but I have gotten to know her better through her tireless work as a parent working to improve our schools. I have sought out Terri’s opinion on a number of issues because of her sound judgment. Well before she announced her candidacy for the District 86 Board, Terri demonstrated her commitment to ensuring the children in our community have access to a world-class education through a variety of volunteer activities. Her motivation in running for the District 86 Board is genuinely based on the desire to maintain excellence in our schools and accountability to taxpayers.

Terri has worked as an HR executive for over 20 years and has exactly the skills we need at this time. She is ethical, fair and adept at making tough decisions. After years of contention among District 86 board members, I am eager to elect a measured, genial candidate like Terri. As a data scientist myself, I value Terri’s commitment to using quantitative evidence, not hunches or anecdotes, to drive her decision making. Terri will be steadfast in using data to drive continuous improvement and will also work to increase the safety and inclusivity of our schools for all students. On a personal level, Terri is caring, genuine and trustworthy.

I trust Terri Walker to make important decisions about District 86. I hope you will, too. — Andrea Flynn, Hinsdale