Partnership to deliver vaccines a true public service

What a service to the community! As vice president of the DuPage County Board of Health, I have come to appreciate the importance of public-private partnerships for the good of the whole community. It is praiseworthy that Hinsdale High School District 86 has developed a partnership with Osco in order to vaccinate teachers and older residents.

The DuPage County Health Department has been seeking additional vaccination sites to help increase the rate of vaccination delivery, and District 86 became one of the health department’s important partners to help end the COVID-19 pandemic by opening its doors to help vaccinate our community. This “Culture of Collaboration’ makes me proud to be a Hinsdalean.

Special thanks go out to District 86 Board President Kevin Camden for his leadership in this endeavor; to Superintendent Tammy Prentiss for her kindness as she demonstrates how to be an exemplary servant-leader; to former Hinsdale Police Chief Kevin Simpson for his help in guiding participants safely through the process; and to all involved in making our community safer by helping with vaccination distribution. — Lanny F. Wilson, MD, Hinsdale